Monday, June 28, 2004

#2: Cut personal income taxes

I can't for the life of me figure out why the Conservatives weren't banging this proposal like a cheap drum for the whole campaign (I think we all heard about plenty about the unholy trinity of Waste, Corruption, and Mismanagement). Apart from the fact that no one believes a word he says, this is Paul Martin's weakest spot. PM claimed, in response to the CPC announcement of their platform, that cutting taxes would be irresponsible and un-Canadian. Or put another way, "The federal government needs all the money we collect."

This statement is obvious balderdash to any Canadian who has:
A) heard of Adscam, the gun registry, Bombardier, HRDC, etc.
B) ever dealt with the government or walked through one of their offices

The best way to ensure that the government doesn't waste our money is to give them less of it. The government, whether it be Conservative or Liberal, will never feel compelled to cut low-priority programs unless they can't afford them - it will not happen on principle! The CPC is claiming that it will; I guess that's why they didn't take this tack.

We're overtaxed. We need to keep more of our own money. Please, in all senses of the expression, give us a break.

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