Monday, June 28, 2004

#3: Business subsidies out, business taxes down

Canning corporate welfare should be something that a Conservative minority could easily get 156 votes for. Canada has a strange, parallel "market", wherein company executives must devote considerable time to seeking their share of government favours, as well as (or instead of) customers, often just to keep up with their competitors. It is self-evidently unproductive (in an economic sense).

A corresponding cut in corporate taxes would enhance prospects for all Canadian businesses (and thus Canadian workers and consumers), while freeing up CEOs to focus on what should be their priority: increasing the value of their businesses by improving productivity, expanding market share, increasing revenues, etc..

Lastly, there is an underlying principle of fairness. The success of your business should depend on whether people want what you're selling for the price you're selling it. It should not depend on your executive VP's connections in government, or what riding your head office is in. Should it?

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