Monday, June 28, 2004

#5: Deep-six the notion of nationalized daycare

A Conservative minority wouldn't have to actually do anything here: the program exists, and they are well on-record saying they won't be starting one. Yet the act of declining to start one creates two opportunities for Harper:

1) An opportunity to reinforce to Canadians that there is a constitutional division of powers in this country between federal and provincial governments. If voters want a particular program or some government action, they are welcome (compelled?) to press the relevant level of government for said action. No one is demanding that Lorne Calvert fund the replacement of the Sea Kings; why should they expect the prime minister to fund daycare?

2) An opportunity to begin convincing Canadians that the continued, unimpeded growth of the federal government is not necessarily in their best interest, that there is an alternative, and this alternative has tangible benefits for all Canadians.

If Harper allows this "decision" to be framed in the media as purely a matter of favouring Christian stay-at-home moms over embattled single parents, his future prospects are dim.

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