Thursday, June 24, 2004

#6: Military equipment purchases

A Conservative minority government must get the ball rolling on upgrading our military equipment. This would include beginning a program of replacing our fighter jets, and buying new transport ships - you know, the ones Paul Martin has promised to buy, but refers to as "aircraft carriers" in the context of the Conservatives planning to buy them.

A full and proper review of the Canadian Forces should also be initiated, which doesn't really require the support of Parliament - with a view to articulating exactly what capabilities we expect of our Forces. Additionally, it needs to identify ways to use the money we are already spending to increase our field readiness - possibly via reducing our relative glut of generals and senior officers.

Harper will need to begin the work of convincing Canadians that our foreign policy influence, historically and axiomatically, can extend no further than our military capabilities. And furthermore, that our ability to act independently from the United States is inversely proportional to our reliance on them for our defence.

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