Wednesday, June 23, 2004

#8: Free-for-all in the sky

The era of Canadians insisting, or even caring much, that the companies providing their goods and services be Canadian-owned, is as dead as fried chicken. It's time to save Air Canada from the government, and in so doing, benefit all Canadians.

A Conservative minority government ought to:
A) scrap all legislation that treats Air Canada any differently than other airlines
B) scrap the 25% foreign ownership limit on Canadian airlines, and
C) negotiate an open-skies agreement with our neighbours to the south, and anyone else who wants to get in on it

I am skeptical that Canadians, aside from the members of Air Canada's eleventeen unions, have any compelling interest in the nationality of the owners of their air travel providers, or where their maintenance facilities are located. I am positive that Canadians have an interest in cheaper air travel.

Any airline that can provide air travel safely to Canadians (English- and French-) should be allowed to do so, and the shackles need to be taken off Air Canada so they can compete. A government willing to enable this shows Canadians that it is looking out for them - as consumers and as taxpayers, not as romantic nationalists.

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