Wednesday, June 23, 2004

#9: So long dental plan! Err, gun registry!

Regardless of the likelihood of winning the vote in Parliament, a Conservative minority government must attempt to eliminate the gun registry.

Faced with the incredible cost-overruns of the registry, and the lack of a speck of evidence that it makes Canadians any safer, its unshakeable supporters have been tending more and more towards the defence of, "It sends the right message."

The "right message" that they claim it sends is that the government is concerned about gun violence, and is taking action against it. But what they really mean is that they support the actual message that it sends: guns are bad, you're lucky that the government lets you own one at all, and the registry not-so-subtly reminds you of this privilege the government is extending to you.

The Conservatives must attempt to abolish the registry, and thus send these two messages:
1) The government of Canada will not spend money that does not provide commensurate value to Canadians.
2) Gun owners are not presumptive criminals.

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