Friday, June 18, 2004

Just ask this scientician!

I can't decide if David Suzuki's ramblings are getting more woozy, or if they're the same, and they just sound loonier because every year that goes by, more of his old predictions are proven wrong. Thanks to Gloria Galloway at the Globe & Mail (Globe Reporters Unwired), here's Dave's musings on space-based missile defence (umm, he's against it):

"When people talk about fool-proof technology, you think about that, what is a fool-proof technology?" asked Mr. Suzuki. "It's a technology free of fools. And what technology do we have that is ever so perfect that we can have fools in it and there's never an accident. That's the great weakness of the whole nuclear power and nuclear weapons, there are always these bloody human beings and they fall in love and lose 50 IQ points. They get the flu and they get drunk and go in the next day. They do all kinds of things to screw up the works. You can't have a fool-proof technology as long there are fools that are operating the system."

We "bloody human beings" have long been an irritation for Dave, but I hadn't realized before that his primary objection to missiles in space is that the technology isn't foolproof. Cancel my heart surgery! And for that matter, my taxi.


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