Monday, June 21, 2004

Lethbridge Riding Update

A puzzling sequence of events:

2000: In the federal election, the Canadian Alliance outpolls the Liberals roughly 30,000 to 8,000.
December 2003: Provincial Liberal leader Ken Nicol decides to resign his provincial seat and run as a Liberal in Lethbridge for the federal election.
June 2004: Mr. Nicol speaks in radio ads, declaring himself to be particularly dedicated to action on "health care, BSE, and education".

Good grief. For all the ranting about the Charter right now, has any Liberal actually read the constitution? If Ken Nicol had, would he really be switching from provincial Leader of the Opposition to federal politics to pursue action on health care and education? For that matter, it was a provincial lab that tested the cow cabesa infected with BSE.

Does anyone running in this election actually want to be a member of a national government, or do they just want to be mayors and premiers with more spending powers? I don't recall a federal election, ever, where issues relevant to governing a nation were so blatantly ignored.


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