Thursday, July 29, 2004

Formerly known as Gooey

I had the good fortune of being at Crazy Go Nuts University at the same time as Joey deVilla, now more commonly known as The Accordion Guy.  (I was there for 5 years, he 8 I believe, so I suppose it would actually be more surprising if we weren't there at the same time).  He was Electrical Engineering - Geek Option followed by CISC, I was Electrical - Toaster Option.  I knew him through the EngSoc Lounge and Clark Hall Pub.  Before he was famous for his mad accordion skillz, his notoriety derived from his terrific cartooning (and sense of humour) for Golden Words, and his "job" as a DJ at Clark.

Anyway, he was (and apparently is) a genuinely funny and interesting guy.  One thing I always liked was that he was willing & able to be politically incorrect on occasion (at least relative to your modern campus environment).  His skin colour afforded him immunity to most of the shrieking accusations that one might expect in response to a few of his cartoons - I hope that doesn't sound bitter, far from it.  He's no right-winger by any means, but he was able to say & write a few things that made the logic circuits of the liberal-white-guilt types hang (he's questioning the orthodoxy - but he's a person of colour - but he's questAAAAAHH!!!).  Very gratifying at the time - regardless of whether he was doing it out of sincere conviction or just to cause a ruckus.

So I check out his site from time-to-time.  This post, in the context of all the hoohah about bloggers at the DNC this week, made me howl (and check out the link just for the picture):

A Simpsons scene at a Boston blogger gathering:

Freddy Quimby: "Say it, Frenchie! Say 'browsahhh'!"

Waiter: "Brow-zaire!"


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