Monday, July 19, 2004

Penticton, Alberta

Can someone tell me when Drumheller turned into Summertime-Oasis-Family-Fun-Land?  I hadn't visited there in years, and mostly for minor hockey, when the place seemed bleak, to say the least.  The permanent population is only 7833, and there are no lakes or beaches.
Camping there this past weekend, however, the place was overrun with people.  Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, Asian tour groups, and kids kids kids kids kids.  I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised.  The climate is great, and the Tyrrell Museum is spectacular (and only $10 which I think is a great deal, kids 6 & under Free).  Plus, the local Rotary Club built a splash park which, if I was between ages 4 and 11, I would think was the absolute greatest place on earth, and you can keep Disney.
One last thing - kids' language skills are mysterious.  Aldini Jr., age 4, can pronounce "palaeontology" flawlessly, yet can't manage to say "museum" without putting an N at the front.


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