Friday, July 16, 2004

A Week's Worth

Air Travel

Found this story via Let It Bleed. The Monger calls it terrifying; I think that’s as good a description as any. The Ann Coulter column that the author, Ms. Jacobsen, references can be found here.

Even the most colour-blind of us would have been afraid in Ms. Jacobsen’s shoes; even the staunchest civil libertarian must concede that more can be done to keep us safe in the air. The old saying, “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged” comes to mind.



Why is there not a revolt? It is, however, interesting to note that the first step in the Liberals’ campaign to “win back Quebec” is for one of their organs to shut down the most popular radio station in the capital. So far so good, guys!

Looking for silver linings, the upside of an increased CRTC profile is that more Canadians might learn who they are and what they’re doing. A hitherto uninformed citizen might wonder what is the difference between shutting down a radio station based on content and banning a book based on content. The answer of course is that the airwaves are public property, something Colby Cosh describes as a “cretinous interbellum fiction”, a fine turn of phrase if I’ve ever read one.

The next logical question said citizen might ask is, “Hmmm…the airwaves are public property, presumably because there is a finite number of positions on the radio dial, and a mere 12 broadcast channels (2 thru 13). Why, then, is the CRTC regulating digital cable and satellite broadcasters, which are under no such technological limitation?”

Bell and Rogers could offer subscriptions to every last channel on earth without displacing any other content. I made an analogy to Chapters in the run-up to the election, which really begs the question, why does the government think they can get away with controlling what we watch, when if they did the equivalent with what we read, it would rightly be decried as an unconscionable restriction of our freedoms? Because they have so far. It shows to go you that the commitment to “free speech” of our Canadian artists goes exactly as far as their self-interest.

Anyway, Colby Cosh apparently writes about this on A1 of the National Post today; count on it that his discussion will be more interesting than this one.

The British Open

I see Jerry Kelly is +3 thru 2 rounds, in position to probably make the cut on the number. I think we’ve found the next Scott Hoch – a talented and competitive guy, but no desire to make history, and no enthusiasm for difficult courses or course setups.

I have a little bit of action on Vijay Singh (10-to-1, presently –4) and Mike Weir (35-1, -3), so I’m glad to see they’re both in good position going into the weekend.


Going camping in Drumheller this weekend (Just Across the Bridge from the World’s Largest Dinosaur!). As I recall, the mosquitoes there are only slightly smaller than the infamous dinosaur.
We will also be making a visit to, paraphrasing Joey Tribbiani, the “Tyrell Museum of Pole-entology”. Perhaps I can shift the 4-year-old Aldini Junior’s obsession from Spider-Man to dinosaurs. Although that has its own perils as well.


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