Wednesday, August 18, 2004

All love here

Nuts to Adam "I hate the Olympics" Radwanski and all the rest of them. There's been lots to like so far:

*Congratulations Mike Brown. He broke the Canadian record in the 200m breaststroke three times in two days, finishing sixth in the finals.

*Martin & Dumont - tres bien. Allez!

*Steve Rushin at notes that Dutch swimmer Pieter van den Hoogenband's name is a lot more fun when sung, to the tune of Camptown Races, no less.

*The city-centre setting for the cycling road races was spectacular.

*Mark Tewksbury has been somewhat of a revelation as a CBC broadcaster - I've found him very informative, with a bare minimum of cliches. 2nd day of competition, Steve "Thanks For Doing This" Armitage asks him how the strong winds were going to affect the swimmers. I fully expected something like, "well, they'll have to work a little harder, but they just have to keep their focus" - or some other true-ish yet totally uninteresting comment. Instead, he says, "I can think of 4 definite things:
- it's harder to move and control your arms when they're out of the water
- there will be a lot of dust which may affect the swimmers' vision or breathing
- it blows the over-pool flags around, making it tougher for backstrokers to gauge their distance from the wall
- it may well blow debris (papers etc.) from the stands around, creating an unpredictable situation"
My God, I think that qualifies as insight! Hopefully Steve & Byron will be retired before Beijing, and Tewksbury and Elliot Friedman become the new pool team.

*Our baseball team has a guy named Stubby, and he's damn good. Now that's a baseball nickname!

More to come over the next 10 days. You got to, acc-entu-ate the positive, and so on.


At 7:44 p.m., Blogger Shannon said...

While I generally like watching the Olympics, I think Adam R. has a point: if someone's not interested in these sports when the Olympics aren't on, why should they suddenly be interested in them now just because it's the Olympics?

That said, I do agree that Tewksbury is doing a pretty good job (notwithstanding his use of ridiculous words like "disaster" and "crisis" to describe the swim team's poorer-than-expected performance). I didn't see the discussion about the wind, but tonight he was talking about tapering before a big competition, and how the timing of Canada's Olympic Trials, combined with the very high qualifying standards our own sports organizations imposed, made it very difficult for our swimmers to peak for the Olympics. I think it is highly likely that this, more than any lack of mental preparedness, is the reason so many of the Canadian swimmers have had difficulty achieving personal best times at this meet.

Finally, let's not forget about the Canadian women's water polo team's comeback win over the favoured US team today!


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