Thursday, August 19, 2004

Blogger Navbar Drinking Game

Jerry-come-lately Blogger(TM) Aldini presents the Blogger Navbar Drinking Game!
*Based on a concept by Jardine, Draft 1A, no rights reserved.

As of Monday, August 16th, all non-modified blogspot blogs have a new navigation bar at the top, and the right-most button is "Next Blog". It appears that clicking it sends you to a random new blogspot blog, and reminds you that, despite what you generally surf, most blogs are not at all like yours. This game is to promote (a) broadening bloggers' horizons thusly, and most likely (b) irresponsible drinking. Enjoy!

If the new blog is:

* In a foreign language: take 1 drink
* Clearly either very pro- or very anti-Bush: take 1 drink
* Self-described as "libertarian": take 1 drink, roll eyes

* When there are multiple qualifications: take 1 bonus drink

* Named after a family: take 1 drink
* Also displays pictures of the kids being cute: stab yourself in the eye with mouse, take 3 drinks to ease the pain

* Written by a professional computer geek: take 1 drink
* About computer geek stuff: take another drink
* Who's complaining about work: take another drink, shake head at apparent contradiction

* Linking to Instapundit: take 1 drink
* Calls their links "Faves": take another drink, try to keep it down

* Bad spelling and grammar, even in header: take 1 drink
* Can't finish a sentence without five slammers: take another drink

* Blatantly artsy-fartsy: take 1 drink. And stop reading! Are you trying to get a headache!
* Completely creepy or inexplicable: take 2 drinks and a 5-minute break
* Title or header is a terrible play-on-words: take 1 drink
* Header is completely unsupported (nay, disproven!) by the content: take 1 drink when you've stopped laughing

If it's actually about drinking: finish your drink & start another

That seems like a good first draft. A note: every link in this post was found with the Next Blog button, or my referral logs from same. Speaking of referral logs, any of you links who end up back here - it's all in good fun! No offense! No one reads this blog anyway!

Comments and suggestions are strongly welcomed.


At 7:56 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

How about a Euro-boobies pic *and* a sneer at George W. on the same page:

We need to have some sort of "royal flush".....

At 10:30 a.m., Blogger Kelvin said...

I've been wanting to compose some random clicking logs using the feature but never had the patience to sit down and do it.

The "inexplicable" blog, I believe, is a Google PageScan-messing attempt. The irony of using a Google product to deteriorate Google's search results... ...mmm sweet. And drink deserving!

If the new blog messed with the template such that the Next Blog link is gone and you have to start over: 5 drinks to celebrate ending the insanity.

At 12:06 a.m., Blogger Myrick said...

How many drinks do I need to take when I'm looking at my own blog? As I'm self-described libertarian, with qualifications, who occasionally whines about work I figure it should be worth at least three (which could lead to a deterioration in my spelling and, hence, more drinks).


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