Thursday, August 12, 2004

Breathless Dar Update!

So it appears that Dar should have read the Municipal Government Act before she submitted her resignation effective September 10. Apparently, it provides that all such resignations are effective immediately. Mayor Tarleck (regrettably, his first name is Bob, not Herb) says this will "save taxpayers money because the city will not have to continue paying her a salary".

I'm all for saving money, but FYI, Lethbridge aldermen receive in the neighbourhood of $13k per year. In other words, the city will save about a grand.

I think they should use the money for a Mr. Robinson party (I'm so glad) for city staff and the other aldermen who have had to deal with this situation for the past year+. Cocoa Puffs and a wide variety of nuts will be served! Drinks are a loonie!

Wait a second - when did I get so mean? Sean must be affecting me.


At 2:41 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mean? I prefer to think of myself as 'forthright'.


Ah, whatever. Here's a new word for you: schadarfreude. (Taking malicious pleasure in the misfortunes of Dar Heatherington.)

-- Sean (


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