Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Chuk - coming in strong!


And we're back, after 3 days in bed. That' s what happens when you're playing the Blogger Navbar Drinking Game, and you come across too many blogs like these ones.

Anyway, how about that Edmontchuk Olympic team! Last night Angela Whyte ran a personal best in the 100m hurdles to qualify for today's final, then this morning, Lori-Ann Muenzer comes back from down 1-0 and beats the world champion 2-1 in the semifinals of the cycling sprint. She will race for the gold tomorrow, and is guaranteed at least a silver medal.

In non-Canadian news, if you get a chance to watch any decathlon, I highly recommend it. The leader through 7 events, Dmitriy Karpov, looks very little like a track & field athlete. Not skinny enough to be a distance runner, not nearly ripped enough to be a sprinter or thrower. His grace and technique are non-existent relative to his top competitors.

All he's done is go out and beat the tar out of everyone in three straight events. Have you ever had one of those friends who's good at everything right away? For example, you get hooked on squash, then one day you need someone to fill in as your opponent, so you ask this friend.

"I dunno, I've never played before."
"Don't worry about it, it'll be fun, I'll take it easy on you."

So you start playing, go out to a 5-1 lead, then he gets the hang of it and beats you 15-11 in the first game and 15-4 in the second game.

These friends are both infuriating and rather awesome at the same time. That's what Dmitriy Karpov reminds me of. If he gets caught by Seberle today, and it prompts him to improve his fundamentals, he will be untouchable for years to come.

Now excuse me while I go watch our baseball team beat the godless commies!

UPDATE (410PM): For a godless commie, Cuba's left fielder has a nice glove.

And it appears I jinxed Dmitriy Karpov. I did not, I note, say anything about Perdita Felicien this morning.


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