Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I may never be ahead of Paul Wells again:
Like his Ontario colleague Dalton McGuinty, Calvert watched with incredulity as Paul Martin campaigned in June on a promise to meet-for-as-long-as-it-takes-to-fix-health-care-for-a-generation. “I used to be health minister here. These things don’t get fixed for a generation.” He thinks long-as-it-takes, fix-for-a-generation talk is inherently stakes-rasing, stress-inducing, tension-enhancing, failure-likelihood-increasing.

I think I've generally been fairly accepting of the fact that I am wrong on occasion, so I also have no shame bragging when I'm right 2+ months ahead of the game. I'm glad Wells will be there to bring us the non-news that comes out of these latest meetings - there's few better to call a spade a shovel, to borrow a recycle expression of an old relative of mine.

So what else is going on, on the ol' inerweb tonight:

  • Jaeger reminds us again that choice in education is a good thing, and that it's still confusing that teachers (professionals!) are uninterested.
  • SD "Fisks" the latest Buzz Hargrove column - by merely repeating a couple of quotes which are so ridiculous as to undermine his credibility entirely. ("There is no fairer system for the filling of available jobs than the recognition of a worker's seniority" - YGBSM).
  • Ray at PolSpy relates how David Suzuki is "surprised at the number of Albertans concerned about the environment". Well, I suppose you would be surprised, if you never examined any data whatsoever about what we do to protect it, or never considered the notion that "people don't usually need to be told to not defile their own property".
  • Jardine is seeking name suggestions for libertarian pit bulls (be sure to scroll down for the tale of the Hammer & Sickle shirt)
  • I miss Bob
  • Not on my Links, but you really ought to check out Bruce Ralston now that he's back, especially if you're a serious Belmont Club reader. I immediately confess that my soft spot for him is not necessarily because of his politics, however, but for the Kent Brockman title of his election day post.
  • And Cosh informs us that one of his colleagues is in jail - his last sentence is, howyousay, "awkwardly hopeful"? No matter, I'm sure it will be resolved before you read this.
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