Thursday, August 26, 2004

He's still got it - sometimes

Maybe I'm not quite ready to give up on Ralph yet. Not as long as he sticks with this line of thinking:
Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has also added to the tension by announcing he will only the attend the opening day of the first ministers meetings.
Mr. Klein was quoted Wednesday as saying “there's no bloody votes down there” and said he'd rather honour a speaking commitment in Lethbridge, Alta.

Do not for a second think I'm being sarcastic. It is totally appropriate for him to say his piece, and then come home. The televised meetings are going to be a fooferaw, and no amount of spending data will convince most people east of Moose Jaw that he's not a Medicare-hating neocon. Why stick around to be a punching bag? (Or effigy.)


At 12:47 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I generally disapprove of Klein abstaining from things (let's face it - he's a much more effective premier when he's blotto), I say good on him for this move.

Here's hoping he spends his vacation drinking so he can come back and kick some federal booty.


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