Friday, August 20, 2004

Sheila Copps - libertarian?

Credit where credit is due: today's National Post column (subscriber only) by Nobody's Baby is by far her best effort to date. Though it is ostensibly another defense of old chum Andre Ouellet, it is actually a sensible (if not exactly brilliant) dissection of the both the phony sanctimony of the PMO and the perils of government in business.

So, from the Will Wonders Never Cease Department - the concluding sentence of her column is: "What really matters is that business and politics don't mix."

I urge her to complete this thought next week and recommend the privatization of Canada Post and the other crown corporations. Reading her, I can't believe she has reached some alternative conclusion. Surely she is not so naive (or brazen) to say that government should be involved in these businesses, but that somehow politics should be made to disappear. I suppose it's possible she believes that this conflict exists, but it's something we should all just acknowledge and live with, since government ownership and control over Canada Post et al is a fundamental aspect of our national identity. Let's hope not.

Kudos Ms. Copps. I don't care which point you were trying to make; the one I reached is less government involvement in business, and it's well-argued by your column.


At 6:05 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheila didn't have a problem with mixing business and politics when she accepted donations for her leadership campaign:

-- Sean (


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