Thursday, August 26, 2004


(Updated, natch) (and again)

Notwithstanding my previous post, the paid media really is good for something - in certain instances, articulating your own thoughts better than you did yourself. I'm not positive he's right, but Jason Whitlock is definitely justified in raising the issue of race here.

As promised, I did lay down a sawbuck on Duncan, Iverson, et al before the medal round. Even money. They may not win, but those odds are fantastic considering they started at -400, and especially now that they made it through the quarterfinal. I do, however, fervently hope they're not counting on shooting over 50% from 3 again in order to advance.

I put my other $10 on Alexandre Despatie to win the 10m platform, at +200. Come on, lucky Chinese bellyflop!!

UPDATE (AUG 27 - 10PM): I don't regret the wager in the slightest. My other non-regret is not watching the game. Judging by the few highlights I saw, I think I would have been tempted to try and have the officials hear me from here. Duncan is absolutely my favourite player, and Iverson is in my Top 10, and a couple of the calls I saw against them were, ummm, "weak".

Anyway, Despatie is going to make my money back for me and more. Right buddy?

And quickly back to basketball, I like Larry Brown, but I'm positive that his legacy regarding this team, in the history books, and rightfully so, will be: He only played LeBron less than 3 minutes in the game they lost?

UPDATE (AUG 28 - 445PM): Ouch. Anyone have any hot tips on the marathon? I'm bleeding here!


At 4:06 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice comparison with the NHL. He didn't even mention the most obvious similarity - fans in Montreal(?) booed Team Canada after a loss to the Soviets during the Summit Series.

What Team USA needs now is a 'Phil Esposito Speech' to give the fans hell.

I'm not entirely convinced by the race issue, nor his take on the financial motivations of other Olympic athletes, though. Do kayakers really want to win a gold because it will make them rich? Only in Bulgaria, maybe.


At 3:40 p.m., Blogger Babbling Brooks said...

Argentina? Oh, my.

Honestly, the only guy on the U.S. team I feel sorry for is Tim Duncan - he's a class act. Looks good on Iverson, though.

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