Tuesday, September 14, 2004

..and speaking of cynical..

The Aldini Prize for back-page commentary is hotly contested - Mark Steyn, Rick Reilly - there's a lot of talent out there. But the 2004 competition has now been closed, and the winner is Paul Wells on the strength of his latest effort in Maclean's. What an opening:
The cruellest thing to do to Paul Martin, as he meets with the premiers to talk about health care, would be to act as though his word had any meaning at all. Fortunately for Martin, few Canadians are inclined to try.

Read it all. I tend to deplore this type of piece as corrosively cynical, but I can't here, because:

(A) Wells is so bloody cheerful about it, and
(B) Every word is obviously true

And it just about makes me want to cry.


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