Monday, September 27, 2004

Buy One Implant, Get 2nd Free!

Greetings from the libertarian paradise of Alberta, land of rugged individualists. For our top story, we bring you this sneer at a provincial College of Physician and Surgeons that wants to severely restrict the advertisement and pricing of plastic surgery, lest the woozy public be entranced by the spooky TV demons into getting a good deal on a boob job. And which neo-Marxist province is foisting this policy on their complicit citizens?

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta voted unanimously Friday to prohibit doctors from using discount coupons, early-bird specials, time-limited prices and contests to attract patients.

"There is a concern that there is an increasing approach being used that looks more like the sale of a commodity than a medical service," said college registrar Dr. Bob Burns.
Well, bless Dr. Burns for his candour -- he doesn't want the general public to realize that medical service is a commodity. Imagine the chaos if commodities provided by well-trained individuals were advertised like used cars! We might see lawyers on billboards, dentists offering special gimmicks, chiropractors... oh nevermind. Sometimes sarcasm is so inadequate.

Note please that this whole story relates to uninsured surgeries, and as such, strictly speaking, has nothing to do with Our Sacred National Identity a.k.a. Medicare. I don't wish to drag this point out for two more paragraphs, so I will just end with this: if you think this "policy" is actually about protecting the public, and not about protecting doctors' saintly images, then U R Dum.


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