Monday, September 20, 2004

A Fella, a straight-up Fella from the hard school

I went to Wonkette for the first time this weekend, and she had linked to this amusing tidbit from Mr. "Loud, Proud, and Well-Endowed" in the New York Daily News:
Ice-T: "I'm scared of Bush. We need a peaceful president, not someone who is entertained by war."
Now Ice-T was a big, big favourite in the Aldini house when I lived with five other guys at Queen's. Which is why my reaction to this quote is, "Man, when did he mellow out so much?"

I offer you a quote from the final track of Ice-T's 1991 album Original Gangster. The track was recorded January 15, 1991, within days (hours?) of Operation Desert Shield morphing into Desert Storm.
F**k the police,
F**k the FBI,
F**k the DEA,
F**k the CIA,
F**k Tipper Gore, Bush, and his crippled bitch.
I guess I guy gets older, and he tones down his rhetoric a bit. However, I'm going to throw the suggestion out there that if there is one American may be justified in being scared of W, it's probably the one who called his mom a crippled bitch, "on the record", and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of it.


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