Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I'll keep trying...for now

As I'm sure happens to everyone who writes one of these web-based-comment dealys, sometimes you run across something that makes you want to abandon the effort entirely, and just put a handful of links on the main page, under the heading I'm Not Worthy.

When that day comes, and I have no doubt it will, Evan Kirchhoff at 101-280.com will be one of those links. His latest post reflects on the unfunded liabilities created by governments promising us whatever we want, specifically looking at the USA. In wit and searing logic (and chilling conclusion), it shames anything you would find in [insert favourite intelligent news-magazine here]. And he anticipates the argument of anyone who might quibble with exact figures:
Or maybe it's $40 trillion or $47 trillion or $60 trillion; opinions in that article vary, but it's safe to say that the number is what the accounting profession would term "well into the multiple assloads".

Please read it all. How can you resist a piece with lines like this:
Gold enthusiasts, of course, argue that the above demonstrates the inevitable failure of government-issued paper currency, and while it's true that they've predicted several dozen of the past zero U.S. dollar collapses, the goldbugs do have a point.

Also highly recommended is this post; that is, if the following statement has any appeal to you:
"...all I'm asking for is a regulatory regime that treats me like a smart mammal with opposable thumbs whose actions are largely guided by the neurological process of 'cognition', as opposed to spooky demons inside the television."


At 8:46 a.m., Blogger Alan said...

See, it's sites like yours and Kirchoff's that have made me give up even trying to sound intelligent - what's the point of chasing whiskey with cheaper whiskey? Now I just spout off, very much like I do in conversation - not a noble pursuit, but it passes the time.



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