Friday, September 17, 2004

not a bad week..

A few last pre-beer notes:
  • Dan, Dan, Dan. This may be the thing that turns your peers against you, not just the VRWC and the pyjama-people (the perfesser thinks it's funny when pyjamas is spelled with a Y).
  • Pardon me, you sad little micropenis... - Heh. I think the 797s have a Hemi running the A/C.
  • And speaking of More Power (grunt, gruntgrunt)
  • This week's suicide pool pick is Da Bearss. There's absolutely no reason to believe they'll even cover the +9 @ Green Bay, so undoubtedly they'll win outright, and this game will thin out these pools across North America by about 80%
  • And if you're hungry for NFL gambling tips, check out the Sports Guy's Week 2 picks (and "system"). He thinks he can go 50 games over .500 for the season against the spread, which is properly described as rank idiocy. But he went 11-4-1 in Week 1, so I hope he does well this week and gets a little cockier before it all falls apart. (Prediction: his Week 5 column will contain the phrase, "The lesson is, as always, I'm an idiot.")
Beer! Beer! Beer! Bed! Bed! Bed!


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