Thursday, September 09, 2004

..Now go get your (deleted) shinebox

Not to be missed, if you enjoy the NFL, Goodfellas, and/or laughing: The Sports Guy's NFL Preview, Parts One and Two.

He has a pretty good number of original thoughts, which just about qualifies as thrilling in an NFL preview. To wit, look at the expert predictions at (Simmons excluded).
- All 16 guys pick Seattle to win the NFC West
- 15 of 16 pick the Pats in the AFC East
- 15 of 16 pick the Chiefs in the AFC West
- 9 of 16 have Pats/Colts/Ravens/Chiefs as the 4 AFC division winners

I won't say that any of these experts should be contrary just for its own sake, but this level of unanimity, picking the toughest of the 4 major sports to handicap, plainly indicates that for a bunch of full-time football watchers, not enough of them are using their own eyes and brains.

But back to Simmons, he makes a couple of trenchant points, including:
- McNabb & Owens have a few touchdown dances planned, which is awful kharma
- The Jets are a nice pick to break out
- Jeff Garcia has an unsettling resemblance to Boggs in The Shawshank Redemption
- Why is Jake Plummer highly regarded in the slightest?
- The Saints are a sucker's bet

One thing that reading Simmons' entertaining two-parter drove home to me again is: I really started this page 10 years too late. I love my life, and my job meshes into it nicely. But envisioning him in front of his laptop and home theatre system writing that piece: DAMN, does it seem like it would be fun to switch places.


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