Monday, September 13, 2004

[snarky Richard Kimble reference]

"She's innocent and we want to prove that. How we're going to do that I don't know yet." - Dave Heatherington

Dar Heatherington has been sentenced to house arrest. Our long municipal nightmare is over, blah blah. Unsettling tidbit from the sentencing hearing: current narcotics prescribed (for back pain and "gynecological problems") include Oxycontin, Remeron, Imovene, and Ceroquel (what, no fish paralyzers or Rusty Nails?).

Really though, this whole shmeel is an unbelievably sad story. Per Dawn Walton in the Globe:
The court heard that the family is already exiled within the community. Their house, van and children's school have been painted with graffiti. Mr. Heatherington has taken a demotion to relieve some stress on the job. Just two friends attended the birthday party of one of their children; six were invited.

Mrs. Aldini has seen the Heatherington family out shopping, and reports that they couldn't attract more sideways stares if they were walking through Pleasantville in blazing technicolor. Now we hear at sentencing that husband Dave may have physically prevented Dar from jumping off the High Level Bridge, which more than anything reinforces to stunned observers that the two of them are living in a melodrama which is entirely disconnected from reality.

One report I can make is that I sense Lethbridge has a newfound respect for Dar lawyer Tracy Hembroff, previously best known to fellow congenial elbow-benders (quitting time = 3PM; admirable!). Despite, or perhaps because of, her inappropriate attempts at humour, and the seeming determination of news photographers to portray her as a blonde Jabba, she gained some admiration. She obviously represented Dar vigourously, but declined to rant and roar, or try the case in the media. And for quotes like this at the debriefing, you gotta love her:

"I don't believe for a minute it has harmed the community."

Plainly true. Having dozens of homeless people sleeping in front of City Hall harms your community. Having a certifiably nutty politician, not so much. But the best was this:

"My 15 minutes — it wasn't worth it."

And there you have the the most representative-of-Lethbridge quote I've ever heard.


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