Monday, September 13, 2004

Suicide pool, indeed

Well, I got away with that one, by 7 seconds and about 18 inches. Rich Gannon looked pretty good. Mrs. Aldini's brother had the cliche apropos: "Raiders prevent defense worked to a tee - it prevented them from winning."

Looking ahead to this weekend, I'm not sure who the best loser pick will be. If Green Bay looks good tonight, I'll probably go with Da Bearss (sorry, Damian). Based on Week 1, the most prescient anti-CW preseason prediction goes to Bill Simmons, picking the Ravens to miss the playoffs: "..(they didn't improve; everyone else in their division did)." Either that or the MMQB saying that Cleveland would be better than everyone else seems to think (never underestimate the Stampeder karma!).

For tonight, it sounds like most of the sharp money is going to Carolina (-3.5). I would agree that Carolina was no fluke last year, but I will be laying off this game, in deference to Sports Guy Wisdom:

September 26, 2003: "Never, ever, EVER bet against Brett Favre on Monday night. One of the oldest gambling rules in the book."

Another version cited here, as well and here and here (where he ignored the rule and, of course, lost).


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