Thursday, September 30, 2004

"To calm emotional volatily" -

When you're a mere Crawly Amphibian in this vast wasteland referred to by The Accordion Guy as TEH INTARWEB, you don't get many referrals slipping by unnoticed. Without further prologue, I would like to recognize the makers of the medication Ceroquel for providing me with what is quite possibly 10% of my traffic.

You see, Google returns 5 results on Ceroquel. For reasons unknown,, .org, and .net are all 404. The 4th is a newsbot link with an apparently expired source. And the 5th is me, because in my last post on the illustrious Dar Heatherington, I made mention of her not unsubstantial pharmaceutical regimen.

To the makers of Ceroquel: get one of your links up and running. There are people out there searching for information, though admittedly a small fraction of the number looking for other information.

For my part, I have changed my site description to assist this often ignored "emotionally volatile, yet computer literate" crowd.


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