Thursday, October 07, 2004

1992 World Series MVP

There was a lot of surprises and impressive accomplishments in Major League Baseball this year. Ichiro breaks the hits record, B-Bo breaks the walks, intentional walks, and OBP records (is that all?), and the Atlanta Braves, with mirrors and some magical voodoo salve, confound every last pundit by winning their division for the 14th year in a row by 10 freakin' games.

But the biggest shocker of the season for me was last night, seeing this guy was taking at-bats in the playoffs. He's 41 years old, hasn't been a starter since the Jays discarded him 10 years ago, and in the 5 seasons from 1999-2003 had a total of 33 at-bats.

By the way, the picture of the bobblehead I linked to? Represents 100% of the Aldini bobblehead "collection" of one. If the Twins eliminate the Yankees, I think I'll have to put the picture of mine at the top of this page.


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