Saturday, October 02, 2004


One of the aspects of electoral politics which is alternately amusing and frustrating is the Do You Want To Agree With People Like This? game, where one side finds an example of a very extreme supporter of their opponent, then tries to portray them as a "typical" supporter.

So, if I were Hugh Hewitt, I would direct you to this post as an example of mushy leftwing logic(ÞPuce). Since I'm myself, I'll just direct you to it to laugh. I couldn't keep a straight face if I tried to characterize this guy as typical of the Left (lousy racist New York Times!):

Kristof proceeds to tell the tale of a Pakistan teenager who was, unfortunately, raped. Well, gangraped. Actually, gangraped as a punishment ordered by her tribal council. For a crime, adultery, which actually her brother committed. Although he actually didn't commit it, Kristof claims.

Anyway, the thing Kristof fails to say is that the same thing probably happens in the Christian world (I'll bet), every day, or at least from time to time. Out in some remote Red-State backwater, where Americans are especially fat, fatuous and inbred, and belong to religious cults that put together councils that sentence little white girls to be gangraped.

So what right does Kristof have to criticize Islam by reporting this supposed rape, which he didn't witness, when he gives Christianity a pass although real rapes, thousands of 'em, happen every day in the Christian world?

Akin to McCarthyism on a global and racist scale. Has Kristof no decency?

Has he no decency?


UPDATE 540PM: Though the express purpose of this post was to point readers to a good laugh, it is not very clear that I acknowledge the Seeing Eye Blog piece is "satire". There is a good explanation for that, and Occam's Razor provides it.

No more gin fizzes for me.


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