Sunday, October 03, 2004

Glad to help!

Paul Wells is doing some "bogus market research". Paul: it's only bogus if you wave the results around like they mean something; otherwise it's just called "soliciting input from your readers". There's a couple of other "web-logs" out there that do the same thing every day, using a cutting-edge technology they refer to as "Comments".

Anyhoo, the 9 questions are at Inkless on the link above. My answers:
  1. Terrible question - that's like asking a 15-year-old boy how often he masturbates. The valuable information you will gain from this question, in conjunction with data from Sitemeter or whatever you use, is that most of your readers are big, big liars. Except me, of course: I visit once, maybe twice a day.
  2. I really don't. I'm a funk man, myself. That said, don't stop. It's important to prove you're not just a politics and news junkie, even to those of us who only read your "web-log" for news and politics.
  3. I've distributed your work numerous times. I usually quote a choice but tiny morsel, then link to your site. Anyone who cares what you have to say must be going to your site; I don't excerpt it in large quantities.
  4. Judge for yourself (i.e. Not Very!).
  5. Probably that you don't take advantage of hyperlinks. It is on TEH INTARWEB after all, but generally I could get just as much out of it if it was faxed to me. It seems like opportunities are being missed.
  6. No. You're a professional journalist, blogging on a site hosted by your magazine. My default attitude about these things is "No I'm not going to pay for something I can get for free, but I don't begrudge the attempt." A "Donate!" button on a Macleans website, though, no. Just, no.
  7. No. I read it in the doctor's office every so often. But regarding this and the previous question - if I want to support the Wells project, I'll buy a Macleans at 7-11. If I do that several times in a row and enjoy it, I'll probably subscribe.
  8. Funny. So funny. When it gets stale, you'll know first, because it won't be as fun.
  9. Haven't seen it. I will say, though, that based on the Sean Penn movies I have seen, I think he peaked with Fast Times. (That's in acting terms - overall, he peaked when he married the Princess Bride).
Hope that helps. Keep up the good work.


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