Friday, October 15, 2004

I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

If Evan Kirchhoff is as capable a computer geek as he is a writer, he must be a kojillionaire. Here he is on the final Presidential Debate, which by the way, he says he didn't watch, because "..I heard it was on domestic policy, which I'm pretty much against...":
Also, apparently this also came up as a recipe for cheaper healthcare:

(1) Back empty delivery trucks up to Pfizer factories.
(2) Fill trucks with cartons of newly-produced drugs.
(3) Drive north on the nearest interstate and cross the Canadian border; allow drugs to be bathed in mysterious Canadian "cheap-o-rays".
(4) Turn trucks around, drive south, unload drugs in U.S. warehouses.

Obviously I'm simplifying -- the real scheme would have more steps and be considerably stupider.

He continues:
Here's a suggestion: you know how sometimes when you go to the doctor, he'll open his desk drawer and rummage around and then give you a few days' worth of free drug samples in those pretty promotional packages? Screw the driving-to-Canada stuff -- let's supply America's prescription drug needs from Magical Doctor Desks and save one hundred percent of pharmaceutical costs!

Some people obsess about getting the most marginal members of the electorate to haul themselves to the polls every four years, but I have the opposite view: let's have a qualifying skills test, and for god's sake let's include a question to ensure that anyone who believes that either of the above concepts would scale to a national U.S. level is not allowed anywhere near a ballot.
Magical Doctor Desks and "cheap-o-rays". I am so not worthy.


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