Wednesday, November 10, 2004

And the list keeps getting longer...

Did the Ontario Liberal caucus look at Nancy's list and think, "Well, it's a good start, but we could still...."

Now, in barely one year of governing, McGuinty et al have introduced bills to tell you:
When I graduated from Queen's in 1996, I was occasionally asked if I had considered remaining in the Kingston area. My stock answer was roughly, "It's a great place. If it was Kingston, Alberta, I'd be staying for sure." To be obtusely general, I just felt like government was a bit too big a part of everyone's lives there. Between two major universities, multiple penitentiaries, and assorted government offices serving some fair acreage in eastern Ontario, everyone seemed to be employed by (or closely related to an employee of) some branch of the government. This is not even to mention people employed by government-supported industry.

I've mentioned before that Alberta isn't exactly a libertarian paradise. Nevertheless, there is still an underlying awareness, at least among elected provincial officials, that there is a sizeable portion of the population whose core attitude toward the government is summed up in two words, the second of which is OFF. And whether you agree with that perspective or not, it sure as hell gives pause to legislators pondering new rules telling us what to do. And, that is an indisputably good thing.

*On an unrelated note, I fervently hope Mark Steyn's just-announced hiatus is unrelated to the health problems which kept him away from the conventions this summer. The places I would first expect to see mention of this (Instapundit and The Corner), perhaps with a bit further explanation, are thus far silent. Best wishes to him and his family.


At 10:22 a.m., Blogger Jay said...

You forgot the sushi ban, the wolf-hunting ban and the province-wide smoking ban. Oh, and I'm still predicting a snowmobile ban and mandatory seat belts in school buses.

I will enjoy watching the progress of Dalton's Great Leap Forward...from the other side of the bloody continent.(of course, BC has a whole other set of issues, but at least Alberta is just one door down)

WestJet, fly me the hell out of this wretched, nannying busybody wealth sucking vampire statist charnel house.
Anytime now.


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