Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A really decent setup for a concession?

I've had a lot of fun tonight, as we approach 2AM Mountain ("I'm Lionel Osborne, and this is Perspectives"). I don't have much to say that hasn't been said already. I think it's bizarre that no MSM website has "286-252" shown anywhere, even simply to illustrate what the EC total will be if no leads change from here on in. I think it's amazing that no network has called New Mexico for Bush, even though he's up by 30,000 votes with fewer than 15,000 remaining to be counted. I think I'd like to send out Mad Propz to Steyn, Tarantino, and Cosh for their fine live-blogging tonight.

And, I think I liked John Edwards' statement. If he and JFK conceded defeat tonight, there's a few too many unanswered questions, and bitterness would persist indefinitely. He simply said that he wanted all the votes to be counted (no mention of JFK being "the next president of the United States").

The way I read it, it was the right thing to do no matter what. Take the overnight to make sure that the statistically improbable was not going to happen. Get the precinct reporting up to 99% or 100% in every state. Then, make the concession speech, when more of your supporters are emotionally prepared to accept that the other guy won, and willing to listen to your conciliatory message.

I pray they don't disappoint me in the morning, and decide to file lawsuits instead of making the speech, but I don't think they will. There's a lot of the "international community", not to mention a sizeable cohort of Americans, who need to be jarred back into reality with the reminder than John Kerry, whatever his worldview, loves America more than he hates George W. Bush.

If you're just joining us, it's 2:11 in the AM, and this is Perspectives. I'm Lionel Osborne.....


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