Monday, November 08, 2004

Start the week happy

A few of the best election lines, courtesy of the Calgary Sun's weekly wrap-up of comic stylings of the late-night TV hosts:
  • "John Kerry did say he was sorry he lost the election because he was looking forward to spending less time with his wife." - David Letterman
  • "From now on, when you hear Democrats say, 'Let every vote count,' you’ll go, 'We tried that. That no worky.'" - Jon Stewart
  • "Political experts say that this year’s Florida was Ohio. As a result, this year’s Spring Break is expected to suck." - Conan O'Brien
As well, may I recommend Kerry At The Polls by Jay Random at the Shiny Happy Gulag. For content, but especially for style, it is a helluva well-done parody. It just sounds good.


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