Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The crazy lady has a point...

I've been letting my right-wing pinhead side get overrun a bit in the last couple of weeks. What to do? AHA! How about quoting some Ann Coulter!

I heartily recommend her column from two weeks ago. Specifically, it's about Arlen Specter and the chairmanship of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, but there is lots of attention given to the way the right deals with the media. The wood:
Only when it comes to the media do Republicans suddenly become Neville Chamberlain: They don't like us, so let's give them what they want.

Republicans seem oblivious to the fact that if anyone cared what Dan Rather had to say, Republicans would not be the majority party. Republicans should be required to say this mantra over and over to themselves: "It is a good thing to be attacked by the likes of the New York Times and 60 Minutes..."...

Or maybe this is a better way of saying the same thing:
Republican senators still think the key to their success is making sure they are purer than Caesar's wife so that the mainstream media can't possibly attack them. That's never worked before, so let's try it again!

And this is with a pretty solid electoral record for 25 years and the support of over 50% of the electorate. Maybe I've been expecting too much from Harper et al. Nonetheless, I find it unbelievably disheartening that the leader of the Conservative Party no longer seems to have time for even vague rhetoric about the limitations of government.

Maybe Bruce's sentiment here, scaled up to a national mail-in campaign to the CPC offices, would get the point across. I would consider promoting a school lunch inspection program as morally superior to the trans-fat ban, because then instead of telling your adult citizens how to both parent and eat, you're only telling them how to parent.

I should also point out that anyone who promotes this ban by arguing that there isn't enough information available on healthy eating should probably add, "I haven't looked at a bookshelf, magazine rack, or local newscast in several years", so as to appear merely insulated rather than indefensibly ignorant.


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