Friday, December 24, 2004

"If you need any help, gimme a holler, I'll be upstairs asleep"

My biggest pet peeve of the holiday season has nothing at all to do with commercialization, or religion, or an excess of the former or a shortage of the latter. In short, my family and I will enjoy Christmas in our own way, and I can't believe anyone else is concerned about how we do it in the slightest.

No, my biggest pet peeve is that I cannot watch TV or listen to radio for more than 10 minutes without hearing a public service announcement admonishing me not to drink and drive. It is ridiculous enough to be wished a Happy Holidays from the staff of Carmen's House of Flowers, or Rick's Plumbing, or Bolt Supply Warehouse, but when they add, "Please celebrate responsibly, don't drink and drive", I just about want to do it to spite them.

Anyway, the topic of "Impaired Driving - Enforcement, Punishment, and Public Education, and why we're doing all three wrong" deserves a full post some other day. Let me move on to the best of Christmas Season 2004.

Notwithstanding family considerations, the highlight for me is that National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation appears to have fully completed the transition from Presumably Embarrassing Sequel to Beloved Holiday Favourite. I've watched it four times this month (with probably a fifth tonight), and I laugh my tail off every damn time.

This movie is the crowning achievement of Chevy Chase's career, which has gone downhill unimpeded ever since. Bevery D'Angelo was still hot. Of the 4 pairs of actors playing kids Rusty & Audrey in the 4 Vacation movies, this one is definitely the best:
- Juliette Lewis: her last role in which she was neither creepy nor hideous
- Johnny Galecki: better known as Darlene's boyfriend

It offers a belly laugh every 5 minutes - or less - with virtually no "cringe moments". I'll save myself some pointless work and just point you all to the imdb quotes. And courtesy of Jass, we have one of the greatest rants in the history of film.

Obviously, I'm recommending the movie. But whether you prefer this, or Die Hard, or It's a Wonderful Life, I would like to wish you all:

Merry Christmas!!! (Shitter was full!)


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