Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Mister I-get-up-at-2PM

I haven't linked to 101-280 in, oh, at least a couple of weeks, so I thought I would highlight this post. If there is anyone better at bloodlessly evaluating situations and trends in multimedia, and TEH INTARWEB in particular, I haven't found them.
Transparent Flash ads rely on obscure properties of Internet Explorer, and Firefox is a perfectly good, freely-available browser (and I say that as a Netscape-hater from way back) that you can download here and which will never display these or most of the other types of irritating popup. This is your golden opportunity -- a window that will last until current website revenue models collapse again, say about late 2005 -- to free-ride on the 93% of people who are enduring an irreducible level of IE-driven advertising annoyance and thereby supporting the commercial Internet.
His piece on Taxing Data Storage To Support Our Struggling Artists Being Ripped Off By File Sharing, which I am too lousy with Google to retrieve, is beautiful as well. Or rather, it is if this sentence makes sense to you: "There are several known commercial uses for data storage apart from downloading music."


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