Monday, December 13, 2004

"these are essentially the Brezhnev years"

Paul Wells on the 1st year of Team Martin:
So once again, I think the latest Ottawa trope in regard to Martin is a bit behind the times. In 2003 everyone said he'd be a star even though everyone knew he was rarely particularly impressive. This weekend everyone's calling him a disappointment. I think the real point is that the Canadian voter market has discounted Paul Martin. He no longer disappoints because it has been most of a year since Canadians expected anything in particular from him. He plainly doesn't understand that — he's still living in a Boys' Own rocket-ship adventure of the mind — but Canadians have also discounted his utter lack of self-knowledge. As long as he doesn't screw the big things up — budget balance, a reasonable level of public service, manageable danger on the Quebec secession front — nobody is in any hurry to see the back of him.

Read the whole thing, as they say. It is, or ought to be, humiliating for Martin & supporters. But possibly even more than that, I find it comforting for the rest of us. And Wells shows us again, as he does every couple of months, that at his best, he is probably without peer.


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