Friday, January 14, 2005

Gambling & loose ends

NFL Divisional Round this weekend; The Sports Guy, as always, has the lowdown. Two NFC teams will start to look really good, and two AFC teams will continue to look really good. As advised the other day, don't forget that the former is mostly a mirage. Someone has to win the NFC.

I did note that there is an exception to my advice (that proves the rule, no doubt!). If the Colts win impressively on the road, this week in Foxboro and next week in Pittsburgh, they're going to be favoured by about a million in the Super Bowl. In that case, take the NFC team.

In non-football related gambling news, here are the latest odds on the Golden Globe Awards. I bring this up only because I had a snippy exchange a few months ago with a better web-based commenter regarding the meaning of the phrase, "Cast-iron sure-thing of the century". Imelda Staunton, in her title role as "pre-therapeutic" abortion provider Vera Drake, is 2nd favourite in the 'Best Actress - Drama' category at 9/5. Throw in Annette Bening's performance in Sideways (heavily favoured at 1/3 in the Musical/Comedy category), and you basically have 3 contenders for Best Actress Oscar.

If you refuse to believe that The Next Karate Kid can be a multiple Oscar winner, then Imelda Staunton is certainly your best bet. Me, if it's Staunton v. Field, I'll still take The Field, thankyou very much.


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