Thursday, January 27, 2005


Damian Brooks and James Bow are taking a look at Iraq. My foreign policy views, such as they are, are overly simplistic, not weighed against an adequate knowledge and understanding of history, and probably not firm enough to withstand an informed argument from just about any perspective. In other words, I should refrain from bringing them up, lest I prove myself to be a fool. (I assure you I am not being either sarcastic or proud here).

But in the strict context of the Iraqi elections on the Sunday the 30th, I would like to second Jaeger's "Good luck to you all". The sentiment at the top of my mind will, more than ever, be the Hanson excerpt on the banner of The Last Amazon.

On a lighter note, I plan to mark Sunday's election per this Onion STATshot, "How did we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day?":
Let freedom ring in lieu of alarm clock.


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