Thursday, January 13, 2005

OK, You, In The Back

I previously brought up Corey Pein-Rathergate story in the Columbia Journalism Review, with the note that Powerline, at the time, had the best evisceration of the piece.

I've changed my mind, and would like to give that honour to Jim Treacher, who paraphrases the title as "You Bloggers Think You're So Great, But You're Really Not".

P.S. Treacher proves you can still be unique even off a Blogspot template. The rest of us have "Comments" - he has "This Better Be Good". From memory, previous iterations of this "joke" (no offense Jim!) are "Caller Go Ahead" and "I Have A Unique And Well-Crafted Viewpoint, By Golly!"

P.P.S. Consider the Powerline piece from todayRoadkill Diaries) as it pertains to the Thornburgh-Boccardi report and the "metaphysical certainty" standard of proof. Is it just me, or is "Prove I'm Not Queen of the Space Unicorns!" even funnier now?


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