Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Segue courtesy of colbycosh.com

Colby Cosh, apparently running low on hate mail, has brought up the GoRiders! and Paul McCallum again. (Hint: everything surrounding the phrase "being a rather dim lot even by the standards of Rider fans" is misdirection and filler). As a Stamps fan, the phrase "takes one to know one" comes to mind, but will be left unsaid in deference to "6, 5, 4", that being the win totals for the Stamps the past 3 seasons.

Timely, though, as I was just thinking about driveway poop! A couple of days after Mr. McCallum's neighbour received the free landscaping materials, our local afternoon sports-talk-guys were discussing it, and their leader, a Mr. Joe Sports, claimed that such a thing would never happen in Calgary. The logic supporting this claim was something like: Calgary is bigger, people care less about the CFL, are less likely to know where the kicker lives, ergo this wouldn't happen.

The beauty of making this argument is that it really is very unlikely to occur in Calgary (or Edmonton, or Regina again for that matter), and so the passage of time will probably "prove you right". The peril of this argument? To my way of thinking, that's a lot of faith to be putting in the three dumbest Stampeder fans in Calgary.

Joe Sports may well be right about the Average Stamps Fan (I would certainly hope so). He's probably even right about the Average Stamps Fan - Bitter Drunken A-Hole chapter. But it just doesn't matter - all the matters is what the 2 or 3 at the absolute end of the spectrum will do.

I was indirectly reminded of this, 2+ months after the fact, by Chris Selley at the bottom of this post. Selley has made some excellent points disputing the Cosh/Steyn position that legal SSM will lead to legal polygamy, and he's almost convinced me.

But(!), I remain puzzled as to why he would take comfort in the notion that a Charter challenge supporting polygamy will never come up (especially while he hopes the cops go into Bountiful and bust things up). I suspect he is right that most of the present proponents of polygamy (wipe spittle off screen) simply wish to keep to themselves, and would sooner curse on the Sabbath than ask the government to condone their lifestyle. But "most" or "the average" or even "an overwhelming majority" is meaningless in this context. It only takes the person at the end of the spectrum "Desire for Government Approval of My Polygamous Lifestyle", and I fail to see how Selley has identified this person and divined his intentions.

That said, read Tart Cider, it's hilarious - especially if you are acquainted with Earl McCrae.


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