Sunday, February 06, 2005

Biggest gang in town, indeed

[Editor's note: this post has been reworked, for literacy mainly, after the soothing therapy of 8 hours sleep and several cups of coffee.]

Pardon my after-12-beer-consuming-French, but what The Fuck is wrong with the Edmonton Police Service? If you haven't already, please read Kerry Diotte's latest on being targeted for DUI because of an "anonymous tip", and of course not at all because Diotte has criticized the EPS in print.

I'm the forgiving type, but the Edmonton Police Chief needs to be fired. The fact that this could happen with multiple officers and levels of command indicates serious institutional rot; it's really much worse than if a handful of officers were caught pimping or running drugs.

Furthermore, every officer involved needs to be suspended for at least a week unpaid, as well as subjected to what should be the professional humiliation of explaining why they thought this sting was a reasonable idea.

Jardine has more; here's the Globe story.


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