Thursday, February 10, 2005

Forgive me if I don't take Scott Reid's word for it

Is this possible?
Late on a Wednesday evening, a shocker that is sure to resonate across Official Ottawa, indeed, across the land. Bourque has learned that persons close to Prime Minister Paul Martin are looking for ways to put the kibosh on the long-running Gomery Adscam Inquiry.

In response, PMO hotstuff Scott Reid took great pains late into the evening to deny any inference that the PMO is interested in derailing Gomery, requesting "the opportunity to respond officially" to this report. He told Bourque any suggestion otherwise is "utter bullshit".

Is it possible that a judicial inquiry, struck to perform an investigation without regard for political or media whims, could be kiboshed because of political and media whims?

Naturally, the CPC response to this rumour will be an accusal of "cover-up", instead of the much more sensible, "detached" statement that the independent inquiry is independent, and should be left to do its job - good, bad, or expensively awful.

Developing, as they say...


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