Tuesday, February 01, 2005

George Bush makes strange bedfellows

Bob Tarantino, and now Jay Random, have picked apart Eric Margolis' latest "effort" in the Toronto Sun ("stuck forever to its Iraqi tarbaby", etc.). Jay's rant was so earnest that I was prompted to look into the Aldini archives.

I printed out a newspaper column in 2001, on the then-impending Kananaskis G8 summit, because I had never read a writer spew such venom at such a deserving target. I still have it, and even having spent the last 18 months reading rants of all shapes and sizes, it's still a doozy. Sample:
What the indulgent press calls `anti-globalism activists' is a core of extreme Marxists, anarchists, and street thugs, around which gravitates a nebulous galaxy of grubby students; assorted leftists; union militants; advocacy groups; and what my sharp-tongued mother calls `scum of the gutter.'

Any `demonstrators' who show up equipped with helmets, masks, body armor, and iron bars should be arrested at sight and jailed for long terms. Looters and arsonists should be shot.

But the totalitarian left didn't just disappear. Like an oil slick treated by dispersant chemicals, it dissolved into countless small blobs: `anti-racists;' militant leftwingers disguised as ecologists (ie the Sierra Club); feminists; sociologists; `children's' and `anti-poverty advocates;' many NGO (non-government organizations); Christian aid groups like Oxfam; anti-tobacco, anti-GMO and antigun crusaders, etc.etc.

And the concluding paragraph:
Topic number one for the next G-8 conference should be: how to rid our schools and universities of the infestation of marxist ideologists who seek to turn our children against democracy and free markets, the most successful, humane and beneficial political and economic system in history.

The writer of this screed is, of course, Eric Margolis - you can read the whole thing here. I'm not accusing him of anything; I'm sure he can reconcile this old piece with his latest. It is amusing to note who his new friends are, though.


At 10:02 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

Margolis is one of the paleocons / paleolibertarians who went batshit after 911. (see the American Conservative, Lew Rockwell.com or AntiWar.com for similar takes)

There are plenty of consistent and principled critiques one could make of US foreign policy without rubbing too close to the nutbar left. Unfortunately, Margolis and a lot of his paleo buds have caught themselves in an "ideological tar baby" marching in step with the Marxists and leftoids they used to despise.


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