Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Gunned down

I've reorganized the blogroll a bit, and added a few more sites:
  • Replaced The Shotgun with Political Staples. I should have linked Greg a long time ago; when I decided to stop visiting The Shotgun out of general frustration and scrolling fatigue, I determined that his stuff is all that I'd miss.
  • Added Greg at Sinister Thoughts. I neither endorse nor understand his worldview, but as noted recently by The Monger, he's mighty civil about it. In my comments, he raised actual objections, not made-up ones. Furthermore, he respects the man presently serving as Prime Minister about as much as I do, that being, uh, not so much.
  • Added Cosby Sweater. Harlem Spanish (nee Diogenes) is quite obviously a geek, but he writes some interesting stuff, and I'm happy to show Alberta bloggers some love.
  • Added David Janes. A good blogger, and I'm test-driving his reader software right now.
Welcome aboard, all.


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