Monday, February 07, 2005

Loose ends

Both of yesterday's posts have been updated.

I also wanted to expand a bit on my point here:
Why does Stephen Harper continue to abandon making sense in favour of mock outrage?

If there was one piece of advice that I could drive through the apparently thick heads of CPC hacks, it would be this: the Canadian Liberal voter has discounted the fact that, sometimes, the Liberals say one thing and then do another.!

What you're doing is not working. (Admit it). There is a certain percentage of voters who believe (not unreasonably) that either "waste, mismanagement, and corruption" are inherent in government, or that your party would be no better. (At least 36.7%, at last count). That horse is dead, dead, dead - it's decomposing in the middle of the road, and the stink is starting to permeate your clothing.

100 more iterations of "the Liberals' position on _blank_ is hypocritical" will garner you roughly no votes next election. Stop making everything about them, and start making it about you. A vision, defended, etc.

I would like to propose a one-month trial period where every comment on a government proposal is restricted solely to the merits of said proposal. Put a moratorium on criticizing the Liberals' integrity, consistency, coherency, and everything else. If you want to open your mouth, it will be to say "our way is right, and here's why".

Personally, if I don't see any improvement soon, I'll be spoiling my ballot next time around, and agitating for Reform Party 2.0 - and I doubt I'm alone.


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