Friday, February 25, 2005

No wonder Trudeau called them "nobodies"

Item: Parliament mulls warning labels on alcohol (√ěNeale)

This is admittedly an incredibly trivial thing to bring up right now, even in the sub-universe of Canadian politics. Our PM has openly ceded even more responsibility for our national defense to the USA. The Leader of the Opposition looks at a budget that increases program spending by 11.8% and says, "The major priorities in this budget are Conservative priorities."

Oops - wait! That was on Wednesday. On Thursday, he said, "..the budget does not reflect Conservative principles..". (Note: if you're tempted to reconcile these two statements, read the 2nd document in full, and note that the tone is exactly opposite what we heard all Wednesday afternoon and evening. It also states that they will not be voting in favour of the budget. I guess all the CPC MPs will be taking a little flex time on budget voting day.)

Anyhoo, back to the story I linked at the top:
[Ontario Liberal MP Paul] Szabo has been working for 10 years to get the labels, which would warn about the possible effects of alcohol such as impaired ability to drive, health issues and possible birth defects in pregnant women.

"If we could help save one life or someone from misery for their full life, this bill is worth going forward with," said Szabo, whose bill has already passed its second reading in the House of Commons.

Which of the following is sadder:

- Dude has been pushing this proposal for 10 years.

- Despite the fact that it's a "public interest" bill, it's so awful he hasn't gotten it passed in 10 years, even with his own party in power

- After 10 years, his best argument in favour is "if-we-could-help-save-one-life"

- He thinks that if the aim is to save 1+ lives with $15-20M/yr, this is a sensible way to accomplish this aim

- Even the public-interest non-profit "responsible alcohol consumption" promoters think it's a terrible idea

My God, the life of a government backbencher is empty. I know my response to this proposal:

Say No! to American-style booze labelling! ("I will look Mr. Dosanjh in the eye and I will say No," etc. etc. ad nauseam)


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