Friday, February 25, 2005

Non-budget-related CPC criticism

Evan Kirchhoff starts off with missile defense, and concludes with general thoughts on the notion (well-articulated by the Calgary Grit here) that the key for Harper is to blur the distinctions between him and the Liberals, rather than make the distinctions stunningly clear and loudly defended.
...I didn't realize that I too could be part of the growing power of the Tory movement simply by sitting here on my ass and not mentioning contentious Canadian political issues in public. ("Daddy, is that squirrel sleeping by the road?" "No, he's participating in the growing power of the Tory movement.")

Is it too late to take back my tacit endorsement of Stephen Harper and the NuCons? Wait -- is it too late to apologize for signing Rick Mercer's petition to have Stockwell Day change his name to "Doris"? Because I know Harper might have like 25 IQ points on that guy, but the fact that Day would move his arms in a life-demonstrating manner and occasionally emit audible words is now looking mighty sweet as an opposition-party attribute.

Regular readers of this site ought to be pretty clear about where I stand in this debate.

Addendum: You should read the whole thing; in fact you should be reading 101-280 every day. But in case you don't, the linked piece also contains this small mercy:
"Some" [sovereignty] really just means the aerial part, and I guess the underwater part has gotten a tad rolled back over the years, but even Canada's strongest detractors would have to admit that its effective sovereignty at sea level +/- 5 meters, within walking distance of a CF Base, remains extremely high.



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